Dream Big. Innovate Wisely. Code Elegantly.
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MJB Code is veteran owned and operated technology & programming company. We have a lot of experience in what we do and have a lot of ideas in mind.

About the Logo

We love code, that is what we are. MJB stands for Michael J Brancato and code is who we are. The The curly brackets and the angle brackets are commonly used in our code.

Our Motto

We like dreaming big, it's what we do. We take those dreams and innovate them wisely into a product. Those products contain elgantly code making your project special and unique to you.

Why Choose Us

We are independent from everyone else. We have extremely great qualities that no one can compare to. We also take pride in the work we do and only believe in excellent quality

Veteran Owned and Operated

MJB Code is veteran owned and operated. We have lots of experience in what we do and have a lot of ideas in mind.


Learn more about the services MJB Code has to offer.

PHP/MySQL Programming

Whether you need contact forms setup, CMS's, admin systems, API integrations, merchant services to connect to your site, MJB Code has you covered.

Android/iOS App Development

MJB Code deals with small user applications that are perfect for small-medium businesses that aren't looking for an enterprise application.

Web Frameworks

MJB Code prides in it's ability to use a wide variety of web technologies. We also don't believe in using something premade, we develop our code organically.


Let this portfolio show you some of the innovative work that MJB Code has done.

OM 2 Home

Wordpress, PHP

Admin Framework 4.0

PHP, MySQL, jQuery

Run Streak

Custom and Admin Framework, Bootstrap


Wordpress, PHP

Coder MJB Blog

Wordpress, PHP


View a timeline of events from the birth of MJB Code.

  • October 2014-Feb 2016

    Our Beginnings

    MJB Code was just an idea from the mastermind Michael J Brancato. We want to have a reputable name for our clients. A brand for you.

  • March 2016

    MJB Code is Born

    MJB Code was formed into a company in mid March 2016. We offer a wide variety of services for your needs.

  • May 2016

    Admin Framework 4.0, GeoIP 1.0, MJB Code Analytics 1.0

    We have been working so hard on several of our new products and are close to finally being able to launch them. We love our clients so we love to give them what they need.

  • March 2017

    Run Streak 2.0

    Originally started off as a tool to track streaks and copy to clipboard. Now syncs with Strava and automatically shares streak information with Facebook Groups.

  • June 2017

    Public Monitoring Service, Server Stats 1.0 Launch

    Allows companies to display public service statuses. Sending Emails and Track server stats.

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Behind the Scenes

Here is the team behind the scenes.

Michael J Brancato

Programmer & Owner

A Full PHP/MySQL LAMP stack developer by heart that loves to write elegant code and use Linux.

Free time is spent on coding innovative projects and playing with his network and server equipment. When he chooses to face the real world; he loves being outdoors and shooting his guns.